New Products

Morri Consult is developing an exciting new renewable energy product that will be available later in the year. Contact us for further information and an insight into what we are developing.

RHI Biomass Solutions

Morri Consult are able to offer fully financed RHI based Biomass heating solutions together with expert design, specification procurement, approvals and delivery services. This area has seen a huge number of enquirires and potential projects which we are assessing using our own in house developed software.

Waxman Energy and Renewables

Morri Consult has established a partnership arrangement with Waxman Energy and Waxman Renewables. Waxman are specialist suppliers of quality solar thermal and biomass products. Under the arrangement Waxman will offer our funding and design expertise to customers and whilst Morri Consult will specify Waxman sourced kit for major projects.

Current Projects

Morri Consult Ltd are currently implementing a 200kW Biomass boiler for a new student accommodation development in Sheffield and several GSHP projects accross the Yorkshire region. The systems will incorporate the latest technologies and provide a flexible and cost effective heat source for the sites. They will also qualify for the RHI.

Renewable Energy Alliance

Over the coming months Morri Consult Ltd will be working with other like minded companies with expertise in renewable technologies and energy conservation to offer a one stop shop for associated services.

Expansion of Products & Services

Morri Consult Ltd are in negotiations with leading manufacturers to secure competitive terms for the latest Renewable Energy and low energy products. By establishing robust vendor partnerships and cost effective supply chains, Morri Consult Ltd will be best positioned to delivery the most competitively priced Renewable Enery solutions whilst utilising the best technologies on offer.

Research and Development

As part of its commitment to the Renewable Energy industry and aspiration to advance Renewable Energy technology, Morri Consult Ltd are engaged in a variety of ground breaking research and development projects. Despite the fact some of these projects are commercially sensitive and at an early design life stage, we are pleased to report excellent progress and very promising initial results. This successful R&D initiative will culminate in a new product being launched in the coming months.