Morri Consult is able to provide funding for certain renewable technology based schemes and systems.

A typical example is shown below:

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Biomass - Funded Financial Illustration

The supply and installation of a non domestic Biomass system (which includes district heating systems) would be undertaken by the Energy Supply Company (ESCO) which owns the boiler and all equipment for the duration of the contract. The client simply pays an annual heat charge to the ESCO.

The benefits of such an arrangement to the client would be:

  • No capital outlay for the Biomass system
  • A more efficient, renewable energy solution
  • Yearly energy payments for heating and hot water that are below the oil/lpg/electric/gas equivalent
  • Fixed fuel price for an initial five year period (subject to RPI increase)
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • No annual service or maintenance costs
  • Annual heat payment is for heat used and not the fuel bought, i.e. the client does not pay for any efficiency losses in the boiler.

Biomass Model

We have developed a sophisticated financial software model that can be used to determine the viability of a funded scheme.

For more information email us at info@morriconsult for further information or to discuss a potential scheme that requires funding.

Typical Financial Illustration

Existing Oil System New Biomass System
Heat Requirement of Building 400 MWh 400 MWh
Efficiencies 85% (Current Boiler Efficiency) 5% (Pipe Work Losses Only) 1
Energy Usage 470.59 MWh 2 421.05 MWh 3
Energy Cost p/kWh 6.50p 5.00p 4
Annual Energy Costs £30,588 £21,053
Annual Maintenance Charge £500 £0 5
Total Charges Per Annum £31,088 £21,053
Energy Savings Per Annum n/a £10,036 (32%)
  1. The client does NOT pay for any efficiency losses in the boiler.
  2. Fuel energy required by the boiler to cover boiler losses.
  3. Energy delivered by the Biomass boiler and includes pipe work losses.
  4. Fixed for 5 years (subject to RPI increases only).
  5. Maintenance is included in the energy cost.

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